Afternoon Bayou Birds 8/27/18

Tricolored Heron, Juvenile1234

Great Egrets5

Snowy Egret6789


Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks with Brood!

I went out to cut grass this afternoon and found these guys.  A glorious day on the bayou!image20180820-rrh-BBWD2320180820-rrh-BBWD2220180820-rrh-BBWD2120180820-rrh-BBWD2020180820-rrh-BBWD1920180820-rrh-BBWD1820180820-rrh-BBWD1720180820-rrh-BBWD1620180820-rrh-BBWD1520180820-rrh-BBWD1420180820-rrh-BBWD1320180820-rrh-BBWD1220180820-rrh-BBWD1120180820-rrh-BBWD1020180820-rrh-BBWD920180820-rrh-BBWD820180820-rrh-BBWD720180820-rrh-BBWD620180820-rrh-BBWD520180820-rrh-BBWD420180820-rrh-BBWD320180820-rrh-BBWD220180820-rrh-BBWD1

Texas Moon, 7-27-18



Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks

June 2018, Houston, TX

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Greater Roadrunner, Driftwood, TX, 7/8/18

BEEP-BEEP!!Greater Roadrunner

Great Egret, Houston, TX, 7/17/18


Don’t Impede!

DSC_0299 copyHypocrisy is killing people,
It’s killing the Christian message!
You say you believe and shout “Praise the Lord”,
But when you’re dishonest or spew hate, I must say, I’m floored!

You seemed so sincere,
But what am I to believe?
The verses you speak or your latest Tweet?

You say you love everyone yet there are some you won’t go near,
Are they beneath you or is it just your fear?

Can’t you open your heart and try to understand?
Everyone is not just like you, though you demand.

If you truly think you’re right, and with another disagree,
Seems like compassion would help your plea.

For their soul should be your concern,
Is there nothing you could learn?

Stand by your faith and in what you believe!
But don’t be a stumbling block and impede.
Open your heart, and show God’s love,
“Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.”

RRH  10/23/16 – 7/11/18

My Head, My Head

my head, my head,
the pressure grows
my head, my head
pain please let go!

years and years I’ve begged relief
but pain remains and so I grieve

i have no energy
pain steals it away
so here I stay
In bed all day

doctors have no answers
but prescribe all the same
drugs with many side effects
for conditions without a name

what more can i do?
i ask myself everyday
and still I have no answers
so here I will lay


RRH  May2018

Elm Grove Cemetery & Holy Angels Cemetery, Alpine, Texas

These two cemeteries are side by side in Alpine, Texas. I meandered from one right into the other without knowing until I was gone that I had actually been in two cemeteries.

The Elm Grove Cemetery had a good variety of Woodmen of the World tombstones. But what I really liked about this cemetery were the plots fenced in with iron fencing.  I just like the look I guess.

Holy Angels Cemetery is the more modest of the two and there is something even more sobering when standing in the cold looking at homemade crosses and tombstones next to cactus against the vast sky at sunset.

Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries35Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries41Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries25Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries28Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries11Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries6Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries1Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries7

Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries8

“Billy was a champion of the helpless.  Children, elderly, and animals had no better friend.  His kindness and strength are missed by many.”

Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries3Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries9Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries10Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries19Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries23Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries22Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries24Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries26Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries30Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries39Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries37Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries38Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries42Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries44Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries43Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries40Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries34Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries33Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries29Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries32Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries21Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries15Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries16Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries17Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries18Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries20Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries14Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries13Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries2

“Them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him. 1 These. 4:14” & “Not for the dead in Christ we weep. Their sorrows now are o’er. The sea is calm, The tempest past on that eternal shore.”

Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries36Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries31Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries27Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries12Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries4Grove & Holy Angels Cemeteries5

RRH 2018

Distractions Abound


Distractions Abound
They Hound and HOUND
They don’t let up
They’re disaster bound

Need I list them here?
You know what they are
You close your eyes at night
You know they ruled your heart

Turn away
You must ignore
Don’t be consumed
And be no more

As you turn
Louder they shout
But keep your focus
Your wits about

Scripture works within your heart
Softly whispering to your soul
“Be still and know that I am God”
“Draw near and be whole”

The shouts will fade
And peace will nest
Upon your soul
That you may rest

Then once renewed
Always endeavor
A higher mission
Which lasts forever

Purpose from God
Meaning without end
A reason to live
A reason to grin



Luke 10:41-42
Hebrews 12:1-2
1 Corinthians 7:35
Colossians 3:1-2
Psalm 86:11
Psalms 46:10
Hebrews 10:22
Romans 8:28
Ephesians 5:16