Lord, You have always known my needs better than I.

Before I acknowledged You I was lost in a vast sea of doubt,
But You provided me a teacher of truth.
Lord, You are my bright Beacon.

Then one day I called out “Save me Lord!”
And you reached out and rescued me from sure death.
Lord, You are my amazing Hero.

When waves of disappointment wash over me,
You always comfort.
Lord, You are my endless Hope.

When I swim against Your tide and remorse fills my heart,
You always forgive and restore joy.
Lord, You are my merciful Father.

When frustration comes over me or fear floods my thoughts,
You always calm me and give me assurance.
Lord, You are my incomprehensible Peace.

When I feel the undertow of difficult decisions,
You always guide me by Your word.
Lord, You are my wise Counselor.

When I am drowning in self absorption,
You always revive me by service to others,
Lord, You are my undistorted Reality.

You are the Captain of my soul,
Anchor me to Your side that I may never drift!

2014 revised

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