Conform, Conform!

The world shouts “Conform, conform!” (1)(2)
We turn and look from the time we are born.

“Conform, conform” we hear day and night.
We turn, and walk, and so begins our plight.

The pressures mount, “Conform, conform!”
We stand among them and begin to warm. (3)

“Conform, conform!”, we are persuaded,
And melt into the world, now jaded. (4)(5)

Conform, conform, is what we’ve done.
Melted, molded, the hardening begun. (6)

But God shouts “Conform, conform!
Turn this way and be reborn!” (7) (8)

“Conform, conform!” we hear Him plead,
“Christ died and you’ve been freed!”

“Conform, conform!”, He makes the case.
He speaks of peace, He speaks of grace. (9)(10)

“Conform, conform! I sent my Son!”
Our hearts melt from the deed done. (11)(12)

“Conform, conform!” is the Potter’s appeal,
So, we let Him shape us on the wheel. (13)

Conform, conform, is what we’ve done.
We’ve put off this world and put on His Son. (14)(15)(16)(17)

Conform, conform, is now our goal.
We renew our minds for our eternal soul. (18)(19)

Out of the world and into God’s hand we have come.
And a greater grace from God we have won! (20)


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